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#SPNFamily ( VanCon 2014 [x]) 

Actually she apologized for crying. It was so sweet, the poor thing was so overwhelmed. And Jared had the best response possible for her.

Oh thank you for explaining! He is amazing. And he always talks about the SPNFamily , and so grateful and always kind and appreciative of the fans. He never looks down at someone even though he is so tall. We are all blessed to have him part of this big,wonderfully crazy family.

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THAT character???? haha wow no they are definitely not my favorite *puts flowers in their hair* absolutely not what a complete nerd *wraps up in blankets* i dk who they even are tbh *viciously protects from everything awful ever* haha please stop looking at me

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Why Guardians of the Galaxy was awesome


  • wicked hella music
  • it made me cry more than once
  • "we are groot"
  • the queen of sci-fi and chris pratt
  • basically it was just a band of misfits, not heroes, saving a planet
  • tiny dancing groot
  • it never took itself too seriously, and even though it was an action movie, it was still funny and heartfelt
  • there was about 12% of a romantic subplot, but it never went very far
  • just groot in general